Custom Pot Toppers. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, click here to email or call our Customer Service Team at 610-323-2705! The Forever Cap 8 in. FlashSeal Flashing & Roof Repair. Flue Liner -- Usually a high temperature clay (fireclay). Most products have a name and/or a product number assigned to them for easy communication to our sales associates. FREE Shipping by Amazon. While the crown seals most of the chimney, the flue is still exposed. x 17 in. Made custom to your specifications. Our PDF Catalog is available online or call us for a CD version. Business Description: SweepMasters Professional Chimney Services is a full service chimney sweep company and a leading provider of chimney services throughout Northern Virginia. Here are a few details to consider:Do not make the crown flush with the outside chimney wall. woodchuckc | Posted in Construction Techniques on October 27, 2004 12:06pm I have a new family room addition with a fireplace insert and double wall insulated stainless steel flue pipe (Security Chimney). Mortar should be fine for a long time if covered. H Chimney Cap in Copper. I'm sure the masons know how to properly flash a chimney if you let them. Unfortunately, after looking at hundreds of brick chimney on … 5.0 out of 5 stars … Our pots and caps, handmade by metal artisans who take pride in their creations, protect chimneys and interiors from weather damage and pests. New Creations Custom Ornamental Copper Work & Design installed a copper chimney cap on a home on Lake Hartwell SC January 2014. Rain block. Click on any photo to view a slideshow. However, if the draft is inadequate this should be addressed before considering a chimney cap. 15 Products . Copper chimney crown? The Royale Chimney cap features the same classic copper sweep standing seam design as popular Cypress Sweep with a taller 20″profile. Become a member and get instant access to thousands of videos, how-tos, tool reviews, and design features. Dependent on weather climates, the natural copper color will turn a rich, rustic brown (some shades of red, orange, and purple often visible), then progress to a deep, chocolate brown, and finally a beautiful, grey-green patina. The outside of the fireplace and chimney chase will be brick veneer, like the rest of the outside walls. We installed a diverter edge metal around the perimeter and sealed the cracked crown with Crown Coat. Narrow By . *** A totally professional makeover! The cost for a stainless steel chimney cap installation can range from $175 to $225 for a standard sized single flue caps. Water intrusion is the worst enemy there is to your chimney. This capsule keeps the birds from building nests in the chimney. Look who's talking about Chase Toppers! The photos below of our sheet metal and copper chimney caps represent some of our standard and custom products. As the rows of brick ascend, step flashing is bent in place and successive pieces of flashing are installed, overlapping the one before. Copper chimney caps have a long history. Copper Top Chimney Services in Atlanta GA provides excellent chimney, fireplace, and masonry services. HMMMMMM. Model# CBT1717K-14W $ 261 00. If your chimney has multiple flues, choose between a set of small caps … A.W. As far as expansion and contraction, you have to allow for it just like you have to allow for it with most other building materials. Chimney King - Leading manufacturer of UL Listed Chimney Caps, Shrouds, and Crowns in the United States. We also sell … The most common are metal, which are available in aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Our caps are made of 24g stainless steel or 16oz copper (or higher) and will not rust. The Forever Cap 8 in. Chimney repair costs $200 to $1,200 on average. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. x 14 in. PRODUCTS - Chimney Caps. Lead can be bent and formed to make some round corners and the first piece is mortared into the row of bricks. Over 100 Styles, Hundreds of finishes. The Copper Chase Cover covers the entire top of your chimney. We also offer the Hip Roof Copper Chimney Cap, which we customize, per the roof pitch of your structure. The multi flue cap is made of 22 gauge/20 oz. x 13 in. Beach Sheet Metal Company chimney caps are designed to not only add that special “finishing touch” to your chimney but to also protect the chimney from damaging rain, ice, birds and rodents. I don’t know if anyone does this at all, or whether it makes any sense, but is making a crown out of copper sheet possible or is it inappropriate and overkill? We can have them custom-made to fit any size or shape of chimney. Apr 14, 2020 - Custom Chimney Caps like you have never seen before. It is a vital to have one, intact and functional. Chimney crowns (sometimes mistaken as chimney caps or covers) are the slab of concrete at the top of a chimney. $275.65 $ 275. We will gladly assist you with your special design needs. The photos below of our sheet metal and copper chimney caps represent some of our standard and custom products. As crowns withstand a lot of abuse, they need to be made out of a solid material; most commonly, chimney crowns are made of poured concrete and … Nothing better than copper as far as I know. Proper chimney crown replacement requires a few important steps which will substantially increase the life of the crown. Copper chimney cap has various functions. Adjustable Copper Chimney Cap (1) Model# FCSFC88 $ 200 78. Call upon the professionals at Copper Top Chimney Services in Atlanta, GA for the most qualified, prompt, and efficient work available. Unless expertly done, the counterflashing could be a problem. It also features a triple offset upper crown molding and projects a 32″ above the chase. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. Installation procedures are included with each unit. When properly installed and maintained, the sloped surface directs much of the water away from the chimney. Great for protecting the chimney crown and when installing two or more single flue caps next to each other isn't feasible. And Other Tough Questions, FHB's 40th Anniversary Tips Video Contest, Podcast 317: Natural Air Changes, Flashing Windows in Brick Walls, and Cleaning Construction Messes, Podcast 316: PRO TALK With Dennis Bessette, The Cornerstones of Comfort: How To Choose the Right Windows and Doors for Your Climate, Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. Chimney Pots & Chimney Caps. More Buying Choices $90.07 (3 used & new offers) FREE Shipping by Amazon. I have attached a drawing looking down on the top of the chimney. Lead is most commonly used for flashing brick chimneys. None of the masons in my area do flashing - I was very quickly informed that they lay brick and roofers do flashing. There are also decorative models such as copper caps, which are more costly but require less maintenance. Chimney caps are typically made of galvanized metal, stainless steel, and copper. A custom multi-flue cap protects the concrete chimney crown as well as the flues. The structural housing between the roof line and the chimney crown is the chase. Dimensions shown are standard. This will help prevent future masonry deterioration. Functionally, chimney caps keep water and debris out of your chimney flue. Long-lasting Function and Style Handcrafted CopperCraft chimney pots deliver comfort, style and function. According to the mason I'll be using, on these types of chimneys he just makes a rectangular "box" of brick with the pipe in the center (of course, the pipe is secured with support straps a couple of feet down from the crown). F & G. Measure from the outer most flue in the group to each edge of the chimney. Since every chimney is unique, every cap we make is custom measured and made just for your chimney. In addition, they provide excellent rain protection, deter pests, assist in chimney draft, and serve as a spark arrestor. We welcome the opportunity to build it for you. Chimney cap Typically visible from the street, chimney caps are made of metal such as stainless steel or copper, have slighted angles tops, and … Concrete is stronger and can withstand temperature fluctuations and weath… Artistically, copper chimney caps add sophistication and style to any building! In fact, the copper chimney caps have some advantages, other than aesthetic. The Forever Cap CCC813 8 x 13-Inch Copper Single Flue Chimney Cap. Copper chimney caps, made from our 16 oz. copper, do not need to be cleaned or painted as they develop a natural patina, over time. Galvalume Plus is offered in 24 gauge. . Aluminum Chase cover with Stainless Rain Cap. We offer a large selection of copper chimney caps in several sizes for terra cotta clay tiles, chimney pipes, decorative chimney pots, and more . Suffice it to say it now looks brand new. This will be noted in the description area of each photo if they are available. Copper is one of the most popular materials for a chimney cap because the metal is durable, making it a long-lasting home improvement. Copper Chimney Caps. There are also decorative models such as copper caps, which are more costly but require less maintenance. Unlike chimney caps that bolt directly to the flue or chimney crown, these single-wall chimney caps slip right inside the flue’s opening (the interior pipe). Our chimney pots, which are available in steel, copper, and clay, can be installed on both Indoor and Outdoor products and … Around here we use a large piece of slate or other flat stone supported by bricks on end at the corners. We use copper around here. About copper chimney caps. I  also think that turning out the bottom 1/2" to form a sort of flange would be good to keep water from running straight down onto the brick would be a good thing. Some photos in the slideshow have product drawings that can be downloaded. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Chimney caps are made of sturdy metal and include a screen to keep out animals and birds as well as a stout, angled lid to deflect water away from the chimney. Thanks for the info. I make this type thing regularly. Thin aluminum gooped over with roofing tar seems to be the norm (and I've even seen entire chimneys coated with roofing tar from the crown down onto the roofing shingles). 65. All your other design ideas are right on course as far as the way I do it. I'm guessing that about 2 1/2" to 3" wide lip turned down around the outside of the brick should be sufficient. Chimney Repair Cost. The Forever Cap CCSS1729 17 x 29-Inch Multi Flue Stainless Steel Crown Mount Chimney Cap, 1-Pack. It often needs soldered corners. It is offered in 16 oz and 20 oz. The outside of the fireplace and chimney chase will be brick veneer, like the rest of the outside walls. As crowns withstand a lot of abuse, they need to be made out of a solid material; most commonly, chimney crowns are made of poured concrete and free from cracks and crumbling. It is usually completed from leftover mortar or cement during chimney construction and is the basic first line of defense for protecting your chimney from its most dangerous threat: water. We sell two varieties of decorative copper chimney caps:

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