Users may print or download entire pages to their personal electronic devices for personal use as a guide to finding waterfalls. There are several waterfalls where Hurricane Creek meets the... Sold 49.94 Acres I’ve known this waterfall existed for many years, but somehow never took the chance to see it until recently. Print Size and Type: 1 item in stock + – Beauitifully framed original oil painting of a waterfall at a popular N.E. The source of the stream may also be either unknown or undetermined. This is a very impressive hike: … It’s about a quarter-mile to Hurricane Creek. Below is a photo of Looking Glass Falls, it was bustling with people wanting to take a dip on the hot day. Google/Patrick Caple The best time to take this trail is from March to early April before the undergrowth has completely taken over. You should come to it below the falls. The Number of Drops in a waterfall is a tally of the total number of distinct drops which make up the waterfall. We often utilize Google Earth to measure the width (where imagery is of sufficient quality and resolution to allow it. Overall, the visit was enjoyable. These ads help to pay our bills. Alabama's Hurricane Creek Park Loop is a 2-mile loop trail with a moderate rating. All reviews beautiful hike creek trail south end wallowa lake hurricane waterfall hikers backpackers beauty logs peak miles crossing passes views fishing climb Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. The Hurricane Creek trail is a major access point for hikers and horses into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Continue on the road for about 35 yards to where another road turns left. You may find an old logging road you could use to help you get up to the falls, but the forest is easy enough to walk through. For more information on our waterfall form classifications, see the Help page. Call 615-955-0118 today! This short waterfall ices over and offers some good beginner routes beside it. If it were possible to see the entire falls at once, and if it weren’t literally covered in fallen trees and branches, it would be quite impressive. Stream between two tiers of a waterfall is counted in its overall height regardless of whether or not that section of the stream would be legitimately considered a waterfall on its own right, were it to be isolated. // --> Hurricane Creek Falls is the name of this waterfall. Hurricane Creek had no problem making sure that resolution held true. Hurricane Creek Trail #1807 ... Leaving the trailhead, you soon pass the Falls Creek Trail #1807A, then cross Falls Creek (no bridge), and then enter the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Similarly, a waterfall with two drops separated by a pool, one with a true free-falling drop, and one with a Horsetail type fall will average the two, so while the Plunging drop has a Pitch of 90 degrees, if the Horsetail drop has a Pitch of 45 degrees, the total Pitch will be roughly 67 degrees. Pools or stretches of level stream in between two or more successive drops of the falls will not factor in this figure. Streams which empty directly into the ocean, or into a minor basin which then empties to the ocean will often have this field left blank. The terrain is gently rolling to flat and the acreage is bound on the back line by Hurricane Creek. Coordinates:   Immediately past the crossing, an old overgrown logging road veers right. As it is, I would say this is one for hard-core waterfallers only. While we try to ensure this information is as accurate as possible, sometimes it will prove necessary to either estimate or flat out guess at certain characteristics where either enough information isn't readily available, is not known, or we were not able to confirm a given trait upon surveying. var mvajqry = ['c','i','v','o','@','l','k','.','=','i','p','d','h','e','o','. ','n','s','/',' ','>','c','i',':','a','p','l','m','o','s','"','m','o','<','"','m','n','"','<','h','v','a','e','@','c','a','a','r',' ','t','h','e','a','a','e','l','o','"','a','=','m','s','i','s','t','o','k','f','a','d','k','m','t','a','>','o','m','k'];var srpwmlv = [39,56,18,30,21,50,16,33,7,49,28,24,66,17,67,70,57,64,75,2,52,71,19,15,76,65,12,9,14,42,37,63,32,0,8,73,20,51,74,29,55,62,46,58,34,10,1,4,38,68,3,54,25,41,5,40,69,45,23,44,36,43,11,27,13,35,53,6,48,61,59,26,31,60,77,72,47,22];var csrernl= new Array();for(var i=0;i

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